Alejo da Bouza

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Alejo da Bouza

Market Analyst
Pan American Energy LLC

Alejo da Bouza is an economist dedicated to energy matters graduated in the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) with a master’s degree in Energy Economics from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland).  As part of his dissertation, he worked with the Aberdeen City Council to evaluate the potential of clean hydrogen in the Northeast of Scotland. He has experience in the public and the private sector (NGOs and private companies).   He is specialized in modelization, energy prices and financial-economic analysis and he is highly motivated in innovations to a low carbon future with energy for all.   Currently, he is a market analyst at Pan American Energy LLC, one of the top five oil producers in Argentina and assists the Argentinean Committee of the World Energy Council in prospective researches regarding the energy future of Argentina.   He was a board member in three Oil & Gas utility companies on behalf of the Argentinean’s State.

Pan American Energy is the main private O&G producer in Argentina, with a presence in the rest of Latin America including Mexico. Its main activities are in the San Jorge and Neuquina basins in the  Vaca Muerta formation. Pan Americanis involved in the  upstream and downstream sectors. It has also entered into renewables projects

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