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Ana Angel

Manager Latin America


Ana is the Manager for Latin America at Hinicio, a strategy consulting firm specialized in clean energy and mobility, hydrogen and fuel cells.  Ana’s expertise includes market, regulatory and technical analysis in Electric Mobility, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency.   She has extensive international experience, mainly in Latin America. Ana has been stationed in Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, the US, and Belgium, and has consulted in +15 countries.   Ana is a Mechanical Engineer from the Public University of Navarra in Spain, and has a European joint master’s degree in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain), the Ecole des Mines de Nantes (France) and the Royal Institute of Technologies (Sweden).   Ana is also an advisor for Latam Mobility, the largest professional network in sustainable mobility in Latin America.  Ana speaks fluent Spanish, English, and Portuguese, and has a good command of French.

Hinicio is a strategy consulting firm specialized in sustainable energy and transport. Our areas of expertise include renewable energies, energy storage, energy efficiency and sustainable transport. Since 2007 Hinicio has been developing and consolidating a unique level competence center in hydrogen energy.  Hinicio has a recognized expertise and relevant references in renewable energy, energy storage, smart grids, thermal districts, marine energies, energy efficiency, electric mobility, hydrogen and fuel cells.  Hinicio is headquartered in Brussels and has offices in Paris, Bogota, and Buenos Aires, and representation officers in China, Mexico, Chile and the Netherlands. Over the years, Hinicio’s team has served clients across Europe, North Africa, and Asia as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean.   Hinicio’s  team  offers  an  excellent  understanding  of  technological,  economic  and  political challenges linked to the development of sustainable energy and mobility in developed and developing nations, enabling us to perform a highly relevant set of services which includes:  • Strategic advice: strategic plans, development roadmaps, scenario analysis, market entry strategies, support to the development of new ventures;  •Technical and economic assessment of new projects: feasibility studies, techno-economic analysis;  •Energy and climate policy support:  monitoring, analysis and evaluation of energy  policies  and  regulations  at national and international levels;  •Market analysis, technology marketing and support for market entry and development in emerging countries (Latin America and the Caribbean);  •Investment support services: investment analysis, project selection and evaluation, due diligence;  •Project Management Outsourcing (PMO).

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