Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic is a fundamental test of leadership for the energy industry. Learn about our plausible and alternative scenarios of what might happen, and our tools that enable you to stress test exist strategies and emerge from the COVID-19 shock as a more resilient society. Together we can continue to accelerate a successful global energy transition.

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Bennet Tucker

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Bennet Tucker

Strategic Analysis Manager


I have over 12 years' experience in the Electricity sector with time also spent in natural gas and telecommunication industries. I have worked across the value chain, spending time in retail, generation and transmission businesses.    My background is in strategic analysis and systems modelling, ranging from hydro-thermal optimisation to complex asset valuations.     I am a strong proponent of decarbonisation and sustainability. I also have a keen interest in understanding what makes people tick, both from the point of view of understanding my customers and bringing out the best in the people I work with. I see understanding how we think, and why we make certain decisions, key to achieving a low carbon, sustainable, economy.

Trustpower is a New Zealand company that encompasses electricity generation, electricity and gas retailing and telecommunications. Trustpower is a publicly listed on the New Zealand stock exchange. Trustpower is one of the "Big Five" electricity companies in New Zealand and a major player in the telecommunications industry. Trustpower has 29 hydro-electricity schemes, with a total of 47 power stations. Trustpower operates a multi-product retail business in New Zealand, including electricity, gas and telecommunications products with more than  300,000 electricity and gas customer connections and over 100,000 telecommunications customer connections.

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