Charles Chibambo

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Charles Chibambo

S.I.T.E Engineering

Charles is a Partner and the CEO of S.I.T.E Engineering. He has over 11 years' experience in the electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution sectors in both on and off-grid systems. As an alumni of the U.S Government's IVLP Program on Energy Security, an alumni of NEPAD's Program on Infrastructure Development in sub-Saharan Africa and a member of the International Council of Large Electric System's (Cigre), his focus is to develop sustainable energy systems in emerging markets in sub-Saharan Africa

S.I.T.E Engineering is a company that focuses on the design and development of sustainable energy systems in sub-Saharan Africa.    Our engineering approach is based on in-depth market research to ensure that the systems we  help our clients build are profitable and sustainable in their target emerging markets.

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