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Denis Kovalev

HR head


Experienced HR head with a dedicated nuclear employee profile, working in the Fuel Company of ROSATOM TVEL for nearly 10 years. Skilled in Project Management, L&D Consulting, Performance Management, Strategy, and SAP deployment.  At the moment studying Master’s Programme in Nuclear Decommissioning Project Management to become fully aligned with the needs of division’s decommissioning business, especially in terms of comprehensive staff training options as a part of an integrated commercial client’s offer.  As a part of FEL-100 community Denis contribute his fair share in the following activities:  - facilitation of WEC Issue monitor national nuclear key priorities’ and uncertainties’ analysis  - promotion of WEC activities and surveys in corporation communities   - participation in two FEL projects with a nuclear industry focus   - contribution to FEL WEC Congress 2022 programme with nuclear agenda  The key life aspiration is – to keep on looking for personal & professional development as a manager and leader through a growing level of responsibilities and business challenges’ perspectives according to the talents, efforts & results performed.

ROSATOM* TVEL is one the largest world suppliers of nuclear fuel: It has a  17%  share of the global fabrication market  36% of  the global enrichment market  and supplies fuel top 75 reactors in 14 countries.  It also has  30 research reactor facilities that it supplies with fuel.   KEY ACTIVITIES: Provision of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants of Russian design ; supply of  nuclear fuel for research reactors in the RF and overseas; Implementation of modified nuclear fuel and technologie;  development of non-nuclear businesses in high-tech areas;  decommissioning of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities and management of nuclear waste     * GC «Rosatom» is la eading Russian industrial holding in the field of nuclear energy. It ranks first in in the world in the number of nuclear power plants  in its international portfolio and first place in  the uranium enrichment services market. It ranks   - 2nd place in terms of  uranium reserves and 4th place in uranium mining

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