Lucia Soriano

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Lucia Soriano

Senior Councel

Ministry of Internal Affairs

I am a Colombian lawyer, whose principal career goal is to become an agent of change and make positive social impact in Colombia. After living in some of the most violent, inhospitable and inequitable places in Colombia, and after witnessing the consequences of war as a child, I am committed to working in order to have a more equal, secure and democratic society. My policy interests include, but are not limited to, land and agriculture issues, the development of the energy sector, and leadership and and governance in Colombia and South America.

The Ministry of the Interior coordinates and promotes public policies aimed at improving the processes of territorial management and government. Its purpose is to strengthen local governance, security and co-existence among citizens through constant coordination at the national level with  territorial, ethnic entities and vulnerable populations to promopte  respect for human rights and the  management of national affairs in the territories. 

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