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Marco Hernandez

Head of Innovation


Marco Hernandez is a Future of Energy and Digitalization Professional, Policy Analyst, Consultant and Climate Advocate.  He studied law school at the ITESM Campus Monterrey and has an MPA from University College London.  Professionally, he has worked in the Mexican public sector as an advisor at the National Congress and the International Affairs Directorate of the Energy Ministry. Moreover, he has worked as a private consultant supporting national and local governments in designing, implementing, and monitoring policies that enhance an energy transition. In 2018, he founded the Observatory of technology innovation for an energy transition (OITTE, for its acronym in Spanish), an NGO focused on collaborating with the legislative power to strengthen the regulatory frameworks to accelerate a low carbon energy transition. Currently, he is Head of Innovation in ONUE and a member of the Globals Shapers Community.

ONUE is a trailblazer of digitalisation and innovation of the energy sector in Mexico. We created a comprehensive data analysis and visualisation tool for energy sector professionals in Mexico. The dynamic, powerful, and easy-to-use digital platform allows accessing millions of daily updated data about electricity, natural gas markets and other relevant information about the energy sector. Enhancing quality and quantity of data for decision-making and reducing time and costs of these insights. ONUE  acknowledges digitalisation as central to achieving the energy sector's sustainability, dynamism, inclusion and competitivity. 

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