Thaddeus Anim-Somuah

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Thaddeus Anim-Somuah

Engineering Manager Projects


Thaddeus Anim-Somuah is a chartered chemical engineer who is passionate about sustainability. During his career he has been involved in several energy efficiency and emissions reductions projects.  He also played a leading role in the formation of the global decarbonisation roadmap to reduce Croda's emissions by 50% from 2018 to 2030.  He has also been promoting sustainability within the Engineering Profession; having had several board and advisory board positions including European Young Engineers, AFBE-UK, Global Engineering Futures and Nederlandse Procestechnologen.

Croda is a multinational speciality chemicals companies serving clients industries such as consumer care, healthcare, crop care and energy technologies. It is committed to sustainability both through reducing the impact of its own operations as well as through empowering clients reduce emissions through the use of its products.

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