Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic is a fundamental test of leadership for the energy industry. Learn about our plausible and alternative scenarios of what might happen, and our tools that enable you to stress test exist strategies and emerge from the COVID-19 shock as a more resilient society. Together we can continue to accelerate a successful global energy transition.

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Victor Andres Martinez

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Victor Andres Martinez

Commissioned Projects Associate

Aurora Energy Research

Victor is a proactive professional, committed to the energy transition, who likes to take a holistic approach to the energy sector. His focus lies in Hydrogen, business development, energy markets and new technologies. He has helped advance renewable energy, smart grids and sustainable mobility in his home country and is now practising energy consultancy in Oxford-based consultancy Aurora Energy Research.     His academic background covers sustainable energy systems, electromechanical engineering, energy markets, business administration and strategic management. His interests widely exceed this spectrum: Victor is always eager to tackle complex, multi-disciplinary challenges revolving energy and sustainability.    Victor can be considered an intrapreneur with a keen eye for opportunities and an appetite for risk. When working with an electric utility in his home country, Victor helped create a subsidiary dedicated to sustainable mobility, renewable energy, efficiency and consultancy services. He also pushed forward the utilities’ first efforts towards energy trading and commercialising of intellectual property.    With an enthusiastic approach to work, a natural tendency to work in multicultural and interdisciplinary teams and a rock-solid academic and professional background, Victor seeks to help bring the energy transition under conditions of security, affordability, sustainability, and equality for all.

Aurora’s data-driven analytics on European and global energy markets provide valuable intelligence on the global energy transformation through forecasts, reports, forums and bespoke consultancy services. By focusing on delivering the best quality analysis available, we have built a reputation for service that is independent, transparent, accurate and, above all, credible.  Aurora was founded in 2013 by University of Oxford Professors and economists that saw the need for a deeper focus on quality analysis. With decades of experience at the highest levels of academia and energy policy, Aurora combines unmatched experience across energy, environmental and financial markets with cutting-edge technical skills like no other energy analytics provider.

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