Bulgaria Member Committee

The Bulgaria World Energy Council Committee is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation formed of individuals and legal entities. It was founded in 2002, according to WEC’s practice of representing the member states through their national organisations. The activities of the Bulgarian National World Energy Council Committee include research studies and discussions on energy issues, analysis of topical energy problems and proposal of solutions to overcome them, development of strategic recommendations, organising conferences, seminars and meetings for a wide exchange of views, publications, participation in research and working groups of the World Energy Council, and cooperation with other organisations.

Mrs. Albena Trassieva has been Secretary of the Bulgarian World Energy Council Committee since its foundation in 2002. She has a Masters degree in International Cooperation and Foreign Trade, as well as a Foundation in Energy Management, Energy Diplomacy and Public Administration. She is currently working in the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism.

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