Argentinian Committee successfully launched its sixth edition of the Knowledge Development Programme for Energy Leaders

argentina-flagOver the last two and half years, 500 professionals from more than 136 companies as well as public officials and journalists, have participated in the World Energy Council’s Knowledge Development Programme for Energy Leaders in Argentina.

On August 11, the  World Energy Council’s Argentinian member Committee successfully launched its sixth edition of the programme with the participation of 108 professionals. Participants also included professionals from across wider Latin America, such as Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, as well as Argentinians working in Paris and Singapore who joined the course online.

The programme is structured in two phases: commencing with a training course, then the subsequent establishment of the Argentinian community of energy leaders. In each session a World Energy Council study is presented to enable participants to develop an overview of energy issues.

Recognised sector experts from academia, research centres, associations and enterprises, members of the Argentinian member committee, then explain their viewpoints placing an emphasis on Argentina’s place within global and regional perspectives.

The second phase of the project aims to set up a community of energy leaders for the programme’s graduates so they can continue to address energy-related issues and access information from new studies and programmes of the Council.

This will help to facilitate their integration into working groups to interact with experts from different levels and ensure that the member committee both develops and stays in touch with the best among the world’s future energy leaders.

To help energy leaders and practitioners keep ahead in an increasingly complicated energy sector, the Council developed the Knowledge Development Programme, based on the Council’s flagship studies, to inform and educate the energy community to be better prepared to meet the challenges and to take advantage of the new opportunities in the sector.

The Knowledge Development Programme has been carefully designed with all the Council’s national member committees so that they are at the very heart of the programme to improve the understanding of the global energy system and to promote the sustainable supply and use of energy.

The World Energy Academy enhances the Council’s mission to promote sustainable energy by creating a collaborative talent pool, promoting and diffusing its content and network as well strengthening its development and position of its member committees.