Chile's Law of Distribution and Territory

Chile’s energy sector is currently experiencing a period of growth, characterised by an increase in productivity, new projects and the introduction of new investments and players in the sector, with major legislative and regulatory changes that came into force during 2016.

To date, the implementation of the Government Energy Agenda, which was presented in May 2014, has had a positive impact, leading to the introduction of new rules and regulations in both the electric and gas sectors. One of the most important changes is the active role given to the state in relation to several energy issues.

In the presence of its Board of Directors, the Chilean Committee of the World Energy Council, ran a breakfast briefing on the “Law of Distribution and Territory” at the end of 2016.

The breakfast chaired by Francesco Giorgianni, and the committee’s Executive Director, Magdalena Balcells, was the first of a series of meetings that will take place during 2017 to generate a space for powerful and enriching conversation among key players of the energy and business sectors.

Rodrigo Castillo, Executive Director of the Association of Electrical Companies and one of the founding members of WEC Chile, presented an exhaustive summary of the current state of the national electricity system and especially the challenges of the distribution sector that has been initiated with the Government for the new national regulations on electricity distribution.

Some of the recent reform proposals, such as the new Electricity Bill introducing a long-term Energy Plan, will create new investment opportunities and introduce new procedures and technical standards. New players in the market will need to adapt to innovative processes and to ensure transparency and efficiency when implementing these processes.

A presentation was also given by the renowned architect and urbanist Pablo Allard, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Universidad del Desarrollo and PhD of Urban Design from Harvard University.

His presentation, “The new landscape of infrastructures”, focused on the relationship among new energy projects and the urban and community environment, sustainability, design and quality of life.

The Chilean member committee will continue to organise talks on the most relevant and current issues facing the energy sector for the development of the country and the region.