French member committee resumes La Revue de l'Énergie

One of France’s most respected energy journals has been resumed, after ceasing publication in 2016, thanks to the commitment of the Conseil Français de l’Énergie, the French member committee of the Council.

For nearly seventy years, it has been one of the forums for debate on energy issues in France and globally,  connecting the academic, political and industry sectors.

The ambition of the bi-monthly magazine, La Revue de l’Énergie, is to contribute to a better understanding of the issues and opportunities in the field of energy and to share the best strategies and policies to promote the energy transition towards more sustainable energy systems. This requires ensuring its independence, diversity and quality so that it is a reference and a working tool. “It is only under these conditions that it will serve the general interest and hopes to earn the trust of its readers,” wrote its creator Edmond Epstein in the first issue in September 1949.

La Revue de l’Énergie is at the heart of energy transitions: it offers a framework for debate and constructive criticism, while refusing sterile polemics. Throughout its history, it has opened its pages to the points of view of authors coming from the most diverse horizons, representing all energy resources, all technologies and the actors. Its purpose is to present facts and analyses, in complete independence.

Even today, these objectives remain very modern. Admittedly, the context has changed and it would be too long to describe all the evolutions of the energy sector in France, in Europe and in the world since the creation of the journal. On the supply side as well as on the demand side, the sectors have evolved and the energy map has been transformed. The perception of the stakes has been significantly modified, especially with the emergence of new technologies that could upset energy business models .

New risks have emerged, others seem less important and even today the perception of risks is changing. There has been a rise of new players across the energy value chain and this movement could accelerate. There has been increased awareness of the sometimes powerful interactions between energy and related sectors. Governance has become more complex, in two opposite directions – growing globalisation and European construction on the one hand, and the more important role given to territories on the other.

Jean Eudes Moncomble, Secretary General of the French MC and editor of the magazine said: “La Revue de l’Énergie will be mostly in French but may welcome some articles in English. We would be glad to spread the voice of WEC member committees”.

Any articles should be mailed to Please check the instructions here before sending. Member committees will be able to promote their event in a dedicated page.

The magazine is available upon subscription. More information can be found on: