Romanian member showcases Trilemma report

The World Energy Council’s Romanian member committee discussed the Council’s 2014 World Energy Trilemma report and how to improve Romania’s position in the ranking.

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From left to right: Professor Virgil Musatescu, WEC-RNC Counsellor; Mr. Florin Iordache, Vice Chairman for Romanian Chamber of Deputies; Mr. Iulian Iancu, WEC-RNC Chiarman; Ms. Anne-Rose-Marie Juganaru, State Secretary for Ministry of Environment; Mr. Emil Calota, Vice President of Romanian regulatory Authority for Energy

During the workshop held on 26 February in Bucharest policymakers, regulators and CEOs of major energy companies discussed how Romania could improve its position in the Energy Trilemma Index ranking. According to the 2014 Trilemma study, Romania is currently ranked at 54 among 129 countries and has achieved an ACC score in its efforts to balance its trilemma.

As crucial areas for improvement the participants identified an update of the country’s current data on the environmental and social impacts of energy poverty and the development of its regulatory framework for reducing emissions.

Romania has already taken strides in contributing to the development of the global energy industry by achieving its EU 2020 renewable energy target. Since the beginning of 2014, 24% of Romania’s energy mix has been drawn from renewable sources. Furthermore in preparation for the COP21 negotiations later this year, Romania pledged to reduce its energy consumption by 1.5% each year. It has also put in place a Governmental programme which provides thermal rehabilitation of building envelopes.


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From left to right: Cristian Hera, President of the Romanian Academy; Professor Virgil Musatescu, WEC-RNC Counsellor; Mr. Mihai Albulescu, State Secretary for Romanian Ministry of Energy

A new energy strategy for Romania

After representatives of the industry presented their future business objectives, participants went on to discuss the future of the Romanian energy sector. Currently, the Romanian Energy Ministry is working to develop a new energy strategy aiming to establish a more balanced energy mix and to improve energy efficiency.

Romania aims to achieve this by:

  • Developing new low carbon footprint targets,
  • Increasing investment into renewable energy
  • Developing its nuclear programme and new hydro projects
  • Improving its management of domestic coal in the context of a liberalised market

Following the discussions, the Romanian MC pledged to step up its response to the country’s trilemma challenges through three initiatives:

  • Improving energy efficiency where WEC Romania is in the process of preparing an educational campaign which it aims to promote through its members.
  • Meeting with the Ministry of Energy to contribute to the completion of Romania’s new energy strategy.
  • Participating in the country’s energy security strategy that will be developed under the aegis of the Romanian Academy whom WEC Romania are currently working with to develop their studies on energy security.


Visit the homepage of the Romanian MC here.

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