Trilemma report showcased in Denmark

Nearly 60 participants from embassies, industry, public authorities, utilities and universities gathered on 1 December for the presentation and discussion of the WEC’s 2014 World Energy Trilemma report, in an event spearheaded by WEC Denmark in association with the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), a national trade association.

Hans Hvidtfeldt Larsen, President of the Danish National Committee, welcomed the meeting and gave a brief summary of the WEC’s recent Executive Assembly, which took place in Cartagena, Colombia.

Hans_Hvidtfeldt_Larsen_and_Kristoffer Bottzauw

Left: Hans Hvidtfeldt Larsen, president, WEC Danish National Committee. Right: Kristoffer Böttzauw, Deputy Director, Danish Energy Agency.

Einari Kisel, the WEC’s European regional manager, presented the Trilemma report which placed Denmark in fifth place in its global Energy Trilemma Index, with the country dropping two places this year due to a decrease in energy price affordability.

Hans Peter Slente, Senior Advisor, DI, noted that Denmark should lower its energy prices and reduce taxes on energy to raise Denmark’s ranking. Claus Moeller, CEO of Siemens Energy, suggested that one of the solutions could be to utilise CO2 for the production of synthetic fuels and valuable chemicals. Kristoffer Böttzauw, Deputy Director of the Danish Energy Agency, said that as part of the 2012 Danish energy agreement proposals will be drawn up for new guidelines for energy taxes and subsidies.

The event took place in DI’s new energy-efficient headquarters next to Copenhagen City Hall.