WEC Spain affirms ties

The Spanish Energy Club (El Club Español de la Energía) organised a conference on 4 June with WEC Chairman Pierre Gadonneix as the headline speaker.

The event was hosted by Mr Arturo Gonzalo Aizpiri, Chair of the WEC Spanish Committee and Vice-President of the Club, and attended by about 150 experts from the energy sector.

20130604 SpainMr Gonzalo Aizpiri reminded the audience about the ties between the WEC and the Spanish Energy Club, not only through his role with the WEC Spanish Committee, but also through the similar nature of the two organisations’ activities. This involves providing thought leadership and analysis for the energy sector, a centre of reference information, and, above all, years of continual collaboration between WEC and the Club.

WEC Chairman Mr Gadonneix spoke about the WEC’s energy trilemma concept. Meeting its three challenges of supply security, environmental protection, and social equity would require international coordination and global governance, he said.

Mr Gadonneix also talked about the upcoming World Energy Congress as a place where more than 5000 energy sector leaders will discuss energy policies and climate issues, amongst other hot topics.

WEC Spain will hold its next annual energy conference on 28 November in Madrid, with the title: “Energy and Global Governance, with Mrs Marie-Jose Nadeau, current WEC Chair-elect, speaking in the first session.  For more info contact Dr Marta Camacho (mcamachop@repsol.com).

Dr Marta Camacho, Secretary General of the Spanish Committee of the WEC, has recently published an analysis of the WEC’s World Energy Trilemma 2012 study. Her publication includes not only the main contributions and conclusions of the Trilemma report, but also an overview of the major climate initiatives that shaped the global energy agenda during 2012. These include the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All, the Rio+20 Summit, and the COP-18 climate change conference.

Dr Camacho’s publication, in Spanish, can be accessed at: http://bit.ly/15jYnQM