Christoph Frei addresses Oxford Energy Society

Posted on 1 June 2018

More than 40 students from the University of Oxford participated in a lively debate on the Energy Transition, spearheaded by special guest speaker, Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council.

Dr Frei gave an informative presentation to the Oxford Energy Society on the status of the Energy transition: “When it comes to energy transition or environmental sustainability, there are three fundamental drivers: energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability. These three goals constitute a ‘trilemma’ and we need, at all times, a balance between them.”

He went on to add: “One of the most important issues in the global energy transition that drives energy leaders is innovation. As the understanding of renewable energies has improved on a global scale, it has become a key action priority. Its impacts have greatly increased and it has become more of an uncertainty. With growing prosumer markets and the digitalisation of energy, it is key to the global energy future as it helps to find solutions to problems. Also, digitalisation plays an important role in this as it is needed to make energy systems more flexible and adaptable to changes in technology.”

Additional hot topics up for discussion centred on the drivers for companies like DHL to decide to start producing electric vehicles; What is the outlook on LNG, is there potential for it in the future? What role can Russia play in this? Why is it Carbon Capture and storage is not seen as a viable technology by the Council…’Issues such as cooling down or Carbon Capture and Storage, is not seen as being viable. People do not believe that it will deliver on its promise,’ said Frei.

The event served to build a relationship between the Council and the University of Oxford. As a result, some potential areas to collaborate where identified including: The World Energy Issues Monitor, the Council’s Future Energy Leaders’ Programme and contributing to future Congress papers.

The Oxford Energy Society are a student-run society which primarily acts to organise events relevant to the matters surrounding energy and climate change. As the only student society in Oxford dedicated to all energy areas, they endeavour to provide a platform for all points of view with the aim of stimulating discussion and broadening knowledge.

Their talks have featured a range of speakers from academics, journalists, industry experts and CEOs of top energy companies.