Energy Efficiency Technologies Knowledge Network agrees action plan

Posted on 23 September 2015

EET 5The Knowledge Network on Energy Efficient Technologies chaired by Dr. Klaus Willnow, recently met to discuss and agree focus areas for the 2016 report. 16 members attended the meeting in London or participated by teleconference. It was agreed that the next report will build on the findings of the last report published two years ago and focus on the assessment of a few selected technologies such as system-wide efficiencies and electricity management solutions. Additional topics will address the impact of new IT and the Internet on the energy industry and consumers and a new business model for improving reliability, cost efficiency, environmental performance and quality of energy services. It is also planned to include a section covering consumer behaviour and expectations, and their impact on the development of new energy technologies.

The Energy Efficiency Technologies Knowledge Network is working closely with the Energy Efficiency Policies and Indicators Knowledge Network and will be also contributing a chapter on cross-cutting energy efficiency technologies to the next World Energy Resources Report.