Future Energy Leaders set to declare vision for the future at 23rd World Energy Congress

Posted on 19 August 2016

11403541815_39e1de6c43_zThe  Future Energy Leaders’ (FEL) Congress will be an amazing opportunity for young energy leaders to network and meet with senior energy leaders as well as highlight the value of the Council’s Future Energy Leaders’ programme to young professionals within the energy sector.

The FEL-100 Congress which will take place in parallel to the main 23rd World Energy Council Congress. It is one of the main events in the FEL programme and a unique platform for the FEL group to meet in person and to get to know each other.

The FEL Congress programme consists of various themes from the future of hydrocarbons to talent development and various interactive session formats with the programme based on FEL interests.

While there will be some expert round tables tailored exclusively for them such as Smart innovation and COP21, they will also have the opportunity to participate in some sessions of the main Congress.

The main objective of the FEL Congress is to provide a platform for participants to exchange ideas and network with the FEL Board and participate in one of seven FEL taskforces   including: Climate change: The world of energy after Paris Agreement; Digitalisation: Impact of digitalisation on the energy industry; Energy access: strategies for a sustainable energy-water-food nexus, as well as Energy economics: low oil pricing –The new energy empires by restructuring energy companies, among others.

There will also be an opportunity to hold individual workshops and engage in presentations and discussions about their work.

Pirjo Jantunen, FEL Chair, said: “I am honoured to see so many top professionals and thought leaders to speak exclusively to young professionals. I expect to hear and participate in a lot of inspirational discussions between present and future energy leaders. The FEL Congress is not only for FELs – I am sure that the present leaders can also gain insights from FELs.

“I am looking forward to learn and develop new ideas at the Congress, and of course I wish to meet new and old friends from the World Energy community. I look forward to seeing everyone in Istanbul.”

All FEL-100 participants are invited to participate in the FEL Congress which has been tailored especially for them. In addition, up to 50 additional young professionals nominated by member committees will also be allowed to participate and join the FEL-100 group for the duration of the Congress.

“I foresee that the 23rd World Energy Congress will shape the challenges and opportunities we are currently facing on a national and industry level into a single critical and unified voice. The congress will be the place to strength bonds between energy leaders, ministers, policy makers, EWF professionals, young leaders and citizens who want to be heard.

“The Future Energy Leaders will gather in parallel to congress, in a unique, mind-blowing week to discuss and drive initiatives on critical themes that will shape the world they will be living in the next 50 years. During this week they will have a chance to discuss and influence CEOs, Energy Ministers and Policy Makers and will offer solutions for current issues concerning our energy landscape. The FEL Summit will be a great opportunity to engage with the leaders of tomorrow,” said Filipe Mota da Silva, FEL Secretary.

The FEL-100s’ will present their FEL Vision for the Future declaration during the closing ceremony of the Congress.