Global Foresight Refresh Forum in partnership with Accenture Strategy

Posted on 9 April 2019

The World Energy Council (The Council), in partnership with Accenture Strategy, hosted the Global Foresight Refresh Forum on the 4th and 5th of April. This Workshop represents a milestone in the Council’s strategic initiative to refresh its global foresight and support energy leaders in defining and driving a successful energy transition.

Carrying over the focus from previous forums, the workshop aimed at updating scenarios, building global stories to 2040 and exploring different opportunities for disruptive innovations.

This was an opportunity for leaders from around the world to engage with and champion one of 12 key themes explored as part of the Council’s energy refresh initiative. Across the two-day workshop, participants benefited from the Council’s collaborative approach to contribute specialised inputs and take away valuable insights.

A critical step on the road to the 24th World Energy Congress, the Global Foresight Refresh Forum continues to provide leaders with a collaborative platform for dialogue and to shape long term energy policy and strategy.



▪ Promote knowledge exchange on main drivers of change, what is inevitable and what is uncertain in future developments to 2040

▪ Clarify plausible energy future in 2040 and build global stories within each of the Council’s archetypes – Modern Jazz, Unfinished Symphony and Hard Rock

Contrast and enrich global scenarios with qualitative indicators and metrics

▪ Explore the role of energy innovations



The insight from the workshop will be used to synthetise and prepare the draft of updated scenarios with global stories that will be shared with the scenarios working group and participants for review and further development. The new set of global stories will be quantified later by the modelling partner The Paul Scherrer Institute.

The global foresight refresh ‘slimline’ report will be launched at the 24th World Energy Congress, in Abu-Dhabi in September 2019.