Market Design Task Force present memorandum to European Commission

Posted on 9 May 2016

The World Energy Council’s European Market Design Task Force recently met with the Director General of the European Commission, Dominique Ristori, to present highlights of a memorandum on energy market designs.


World Energy Council Members and DG Energy officials discuss energy transition challenges

The Task Force, chaired by Marco Margheri from the Council’s Italian Member Committee, previously carried out a survey among the Council’s European Member Committees to identify future market design uncertainties that are not addressed in the current EU agenda. Based on the outcomes of the survey, the Task Force prepared a memorandum that highlighted these uncertainties and presented it to the commission on 23 March.

Discussions centered on issues that are likely to influence energy market designs in 5-10 years including introduction of new technologies and zero-marginal-cost energy sources, adaptation of infrastructure evolution and the impact of resilience issues.

The European Commission is currently preparing a new legislative package on energy market design that addresses mainly regulatory challenges that have already emerged in the European energy market.

Key issues include governance, electricity and gas market arrangements, carbon pricing, capacity remuneration mechanisms, market integration, balancing arrangements, investment promotion, and renewables subsidies among others.

Einari Kisel, World Energy Council Regional Manager for the Europe region, said: “The Memorandum of the Task Force raised a fruitful discussion with DG Energy officials, along with the World Energy Issue Monitor and World Energy Trilemma reports that were explored as well. Mr Ristori very much appreciated the input of the Task Force to their process and explained how the Commission might address the raised issues. All these issues require special attention in the transition process of energy markets.“

The meeting will be followed by a seminar of the Council’s European Member Committees and DG Energy officials to discuss the energy transition challenges in the Europe more in depth. There will also be specific sessions dedicated to the European market design challenges during the World Energy Congress from 9-13 October in Istanbul.