New project charts 100 years of WEC history

Posted on 15 July 2012

First World Power Confernece

In 1923, Daniel Dunlop, a Scottish visionary working in the British electricity industry, decided to gather leading energy experts at a conference to discuss how they would rebuild the electricity grid after the First World War.

Dunlop began working with countries around the world to establish national committees to encourage attendance and input at such a conference.

The first World Power Conference was held in the following year in London.  It attracted 1700 delegates from 40 countries. The meeting was so successful that attendees decided to establish a permanent organisation to continue the dialogue.

This marked the beginning of what we now know as the World Energy Council.

As the WEC looks to mark its centenary in 2023, its London secretariat would like to set down a history of its events and achievements over its 100 years.  But there are missing pieces in this historical jigsaw puzzle.

To complete the story, we would like to interview the WEC’s longest-serving members to solicit a range of information, such as:

  • when and in which country was the first member committee created
  • when the first technical committee was founded and what was it called
  • who they remember as the most outstanding WEC personalities
  • how the WEC has evolved during the years of their membership
  • crucially, how they envisage the WEC in 2023 when it will celebrate its centenary.

Have you got a story to tell? We invite you to take part in this exciting project. Contact Catriona Nurse on +44 20 7734 5996 or