Resources to Scenarios

Posted on 28 January 2016

CaptureAhead of the World Energy Congress, the World Energy Council flagship studies are coming together. A Resource Study Group workshop has been held in London this month to review data received from the recent Member Committee Surveys, discuss initial findings and to ensure that chapters are on the right track.

Hans Wilhelm-Schiffer, Executive Chair of World Energy Resources, said: “Excellent progress is being made with first drafts of resource reports on solar, carbon capture utilisation, nuclear and oil all shortly ready for review. They promise to arrive at significant conclusions that will shape the future.”

The Solar Knowledge Network has completed the first draft of its chapter for review.  One key finding is that off-grid electricity provides big growth opportunities for solar since over one billion people in the world do not currently have reliable access to electricity.

Another example is the work of the Nuclear Knowledge Network which has identified Asia as a growth market, but sees decline in the US, EU and Japan.

The Oil Knowledge Network promises to produce an interesting report with the main drivers of crude oil price development being covered as well as geopolitical issues in Iran, Russia, and Libya.  Other issues that it will highlight include the development of shale gas in the US and lower oil demand in China and how these trends will influence crude oil prices.

In conclusion, Hans Wilhelm-Schiffer said: “At our next meeting in April we will be looking at internal consistency across chapters and the use of standardised data as we finalise chapters and compile the Executive Summary. It is a changing, but exciting world.”