Romanian FELS declare their vison for the future of energy at FOREN 2016

Posted on 15 July 2016


Fels Romania








Romanian Future Energy Leaders (FEL Romania) had an opportunity to propose innovative ideas at a round-table themed ‘Ener-Generation for Tomorrow’s Challenges’, during this year’s World Energy Council’s Central & Eastern Europe Regional Energy Forum (FOREN 2016).

The workshop highlighted both current and future challenges facing the energy sector and sought to identify how young energy professionals can best be prepared to overcome the energy paradigm shift focused on innovative smart technologies, based on a solid set of values, in order to  fully benefit  from these evolving technologies.

“I am pleased to say the workshop went very well. Participants debated and discussed innovative ways on how to tackle the current challenges facing the energy sector. What was especially unique was the commitment the Future Energy Leaders (FELs) expressed in taking these ideas discussed and turning them into actions.

“Some of our members are currently already leaders on the Romanian energy scene, not just up and coming. The Romanian FEL Programme is an example for the member committees (MCs), in the Central and South European region to follow, who want to encourage young participation in the energy industry,” said Francisco Galtieri, an active member of the Future Energy Leaders’ Board.

The purpose of the Romanian FEL workshop, which consisted of 62 members of which 8 were speakers, was to stimulate and promote teamwork, an opportunity to network, share knowledge and facilitate open creative communication and dialogue.
Having combined their efforts to define a Romanian FEL vision for years to some, the members felt optimistic in being able to offer solutions to the challenges facing the energy sector in order to contribute to a sustainable future.

Conclusions and recommendations based on four topics – Geopolitics of energy sources, digital energy, small producers and consumers (prosumers), as well as youth in the energy sector addressed during the workshop, were summed up in a final document ‘Romanian FEL Declaration at FOREN 2016 OK ‘, and presented at the FOREN 2016 closing ceremony.

The Romanian Future Energy Leaders’ Programme was initiated by the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council to align with the Council’s Future Energy Leaders’ Programme (FEL100). It is designed to encourage young Romanian energy professionals and promote their new, bold and original ideas, in order to create a future energy leadership capable of solving the next national challenges regarding energy sustainability.