Scenarios project moves closer to finish line

Posted on 24 June 2013

The WEC Scenarios Study Group has stepped closer towards finalising the results of the World Energy Scenarios project at a workshop in London earlier this month (3–4 June).

Jigsaw piecesThe workshop was held to discuss the key assumptions that have been drawn from the many workshops held around the world over the past three years. The study group also considered the latest modelling results presented by project partner, the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

The modelling results, coupled with the scenarios stories, will enable the WEC to present two plausible scenarios, entitled Jazz and Symphony, at the World Energy Congress in October.

In addition to the global Scenarios, the study group also assessed the regional implications which have been recognised as becoming increasingly important in developing a better understanding of the future of energy. The study group included experts from 22 countries and is chaired by Rob Whitney, Chair of WEC New Zealand. Prof. Karl Rose, WEC Director of Studies, moderated the discussions.

The key findings of the scenarios project plus the WEC’s other studies will be discussed at the WEC Standing Committee meetings in Paris on 2 July.


Read an interview with PSI on the front page. More about the World Energy Scenarios project on