Scenarios workshop works with academia, industry and UNFCC

Posted on 21 October 2015

IMG_1217A scenarios building workshop was held in London working with academia, industry and the UNFCC who gave insights on topics such as climate change, future technology disrupters and the impact of government decisions on energy development. The objectives were to identify the key drivers to construct an analytical scenario framework and to build specific scenario narratives to 2060.

Gerald Davis, Executive Chair World Energy Scenarios, one of the moderators at the September scenario workshop, says that to reach the 2⁰C target there needs to be much greater emphasis on energy efficiency across many sectors: in buildings, transport fuels, and more emphasis on public transport.

The workshop is part of an ongoing series of workshops with the aim of identifying the big questions facing the energy industry and developing fundamental baselines for World Energy Council Scenarios to 2060.  One of its aims is to look at the adaption measures of poorer countries and the consequences of extreme weather events.  The scenarios report will be released in October 2016 at the World Energy Congress.