WEC presents global energy issues at Danish policy seminar

Posted on 12 April 2012

On 12 April, the WEC presented its recent findings on global and European energy issues at a seminar on the newly agreed Danish Energy Agreement.

The new Danish Energy Agreement maps out the country’s energy policy objectives and measures. According to the agreement, Denmark is planning, by 2020, to decrease its energy consumption by 12% compared with 2006 levels, to increase the share of renewables in its energy mix to 35%, and to produce 50% of its electricity from wind.

At the seminar, organised in Copenhagen by the Danish WEC Member Committee for its members, Kristian Møller, Deputy Director of the Danish Energy Agency, presented the agreement and Hans Peter Slente, Director of the Danish Energy Industries Federation, provided commentary.

WEC Senior Fellow Einari Kisel presented the issues maps from the WEC’s 2011 World Energy Issues Monitor. Following the presentation, seminar participants further discussed the impact of world energy issues, and perceptions on those issues in different regions, on the implementation of Denmark’s national energy policy.  “The issues maps provide an interesting insight for policymakers into energy trends and the perceptions of world energy leaders,” says Kisel. “Any country should assess its energy strategy against the outcomes of this survey.”