Women in Energy shine brightly in Chile

Posted on 3 June 2019

The Chilean chapter of the World Energy Council has developed a Women in Energy Chile programme in partnership with Deloitte, which looks to help women integrate at an early stage into a leadership network within the energy industry. This will enable greater opportunities, drive knowledge sharing and bolster new thinking in an industry that needs fresh ideas and perspectives.

According to a 2017 project with 48 energy companies, the energy sector is one of the least gender diverse in Chile, with a participation rate of women of just 22%, and only 12% of company board directors and CEOs held by women.

The Selection Committee for Chile’s Women in Energy have identified the following programme objectives:

  • Create an intersectional group able to represent the entire energy industry spectrum
  • Build a wide array of technical knowledge about all energy resources and sectors
  • Gather individuals with relevant experience that can contribute actionable and innovative solutions to the energy debate


Here’s a list of the women selected for the initiative. More information can be found in this link (Spanish language).

AES Gener Alba López Vega
AES Gener Gisele Carolina Astorga Viveros
AME SpA Maria Ignacia Varela
ASE Mariana Pavón Beltrán
CAMCHAL Iris Wunderlich
CGE/ Empresas Electricas Javiera Valencia Zamorano
CISCO Chile Daniela Serrano
Comisión Nacional de Energía Lilian García Berg
Empresas Eléctricas Javiera Ketterer
Empresas Eléctricas A.G. Pamela González
Enel Distribución Alejandra Pereira Carramiñana
ENGIE María Asunción Borrás Martínez
ENGIE Michelle Rabajille
Engie Paula de la Fuente
Fundación Chile Carolina Cuevas Gutiérrez
ISA INTERCHILE Daniela Angelina Peirano Pizarro
Ministerio de Energía Andrea Pizarro Vargas
Ministerio de Energía Bárbara Eguiguren Ebensperger
Ministerio de Energía Carla Douglas
Ministerio de Energía Javiera Patricia Inostroza Codoceo
Ministerio de Energía Maria José Ariztia Larrain
Ministerio de Energía Monserrat García Herrera
Metrogas S.A. Javiera Kowaleczko
Pacific Hydro Chile Lourdes Oliva
Pacific Hydro Chile María Susana Muñoz Espinoza
Siemens Chile Antonella Sovino Ortlieb
Siemens Chile Lizabeth Ramos Vivenes
TOTAL / WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Alejandra Salazar Delgado