World Energy Council holds standing committee meetings ahead of 2017 Executive Assembly

Posted on 23 May 2017

The World Energy Council held its standing committee meetings in London between 15 and 16  May and welcomed representatives of the Council’s member committees from across the globe to discuss key topics.

The two days of meetings also included an Insights Workshop featuring discussions on blockchain technology and energy trilemma implications of distributed generation.

The Programme committee met on 15 May. There was active participation from standing committee members and observers from a number of member committees who helped to ensure that the meetings proved successful.

During the Communications and Strategy Committee meeting, members were given an overview of the new brand implementation and roll out at a global and MC level. Members were also given an overview of the Council’s successful media coverage over the past year after the reporting of the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul.

Members also had the chance to hear about the high level of impact the Council could have on the international energy scene through future outreach activities in 2017: being an influential and well respected presence at this year’s Clean Energy Ministerial in Beijing, attending the APEC Energy Working Group meetings, as well as helping to shape the new United Nations Sustainable Energy for All strategy in New York in April.

Officers and observers in attendance also heard about the Council’s new revised online magazine, World Energy Focus, in partnership with new publishers, Petroleum Economist. It currently has a reach of more than 100,000.

The Chair of the UAE Organising Committee, Dr Matar Al Neyadi, and his team outlined their plans for finalising the new Congress logo for 2019 to members.

Updates from the Studies Committee meeting included a review by Sir Philip Lowe, Chair of the World Energy Trilemma, about the work undertaken by the Trilemma Study Group which ahead of the launch of the 2017 report.

The Executive Chairs of the World Energy Resources, and World Energy Scenarios gave an update on their team’s significant work over the past year.

The two-day event ended with a meeting of the finance committee and Officers’ Council meeting.

To coincide with the committee meetings, the Council’s Future Energy Leaders (FELs) convened in London. The meeting commenced with a welcome by Filipe Mota da Silva, Secretary, Future Energy Leaders.

Philippe Joubert, Executive Chairman of the Global Electricity Initiative, addressed the FELs and gave advice on What does it take to be a leader.

James Carton FEL-100 Member, and Principal Investigator, Dublin City University, gave an update on the FELs’ Climate Change Taskforce Findings.

The meeting ended with a presentation on “What investment opportunities are available in the energy sector in the future”, by energy economist, Dr Carole Nakhle, founder and CEO of Crystol Energy.