Worldwide roll-out of new visual identity

Posted on 23 March 2016

WEC_card_detailFollowing extensive consultation with World Energy Council National Member Committees and with the approval of the Communications and Strategy Committee, the rollout of the new visual identity started this month.

The new logo design clearly highlights the name and in doing so represents the essence of the Council’s mission – to provide the premier energy forum for thought leaders worldwide and, recognising the networks’ depth of knowledge, to produce content that informs their decisions and actions. Almost 100 national members were consulted over two years to inform the decision on the new World Energy Council logo. The outcome is a fresh and simple visual language which recognises our history but provides a more appropriate structure for use by the World Energy Council network.

Thorough analysis of the core values of the Council organisation and the way member committees graphically used the name informed the consultation process and members’ approval of the new visual identity during the 2015 Executive Assembly in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. At this meeting members recognised that the new logo provides a clear visual language which provides higher impact, simplicity and coherence to the World Energy Council’s identity. At the same time the brand asserts and embeds the networks’ values, which World Energy Council members had asked for right from the outset.

The new visual identity was publicly presented for the first time on 11 March in Beijing, where the 2016 World Energy Issues Monitor report was launched.

23 World Energy Council National Member Committees are already using their new logo, which consists of the global logo with their name added. The new visual identity will be implemented and celebrated at the time of the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul from 9-13 October this year.