23 Speakers confirmed for the 23rd World Energy Congress

LogoThe World Energy Council will hold the 23rd World Energy Congress, organised every three years, in Istanbul on 9-13 October 2016. Over 100 heads of state and government and approximately 10,000 delegates will attend the Congress which will host close to 250 distinguished speakers and is the most important summit where global energy policies are shaped.

The World Energy Council has been organising the World Energy Congress every three years since 1924; the Congress is one of the largest and most influential energy events in the world. It creates dialogue among heads of state and government, ministers of energy, CEOs of leading global energy companies and energy policymakers.

The Congress brings together the leading international players of governments, multilateral institutions, non-governmental organisations and the private sector and offers participants a unique platform to get a better understanding of global energy issues and solutions.

The 23rd Congress will set the global agenda. The theme of the 23rd WORLD ENERGY CONGRESS to be held in ISTANBUL with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey will be “Embracing New Frontiers”.

The 23 top-level speakers from 11 countries already confirmed are led by the President, Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey. The Congress will host close to 250 speakers and hold 70 sessions will be the heart of the global energy debate in 2016.

During the four day program leaders will address the outlook for the energy sector, highlight business opportunities, resources and technologies. Day 3 will focus on the policies required to deliver a sustainable energy future and day 4 will highlight the opportunities in Africa.

The 23rd WORLD ENERGY CONGRESS will be an important summit at a time when almost one quarter of the world’s population has no access to electricity, the demand for energy is increasing, energy has a deep impact on international relations and the socio-economic development of countries, and there are very significant problems.

National and international energy authorities, the heads of state and government of many countries, energy policymakers from Turkey and around the world, representatives of associations and organisations, and opinion leaders of the energy world will participate in the Congress in Istanbul.