Partners of the World Energy Academy

Partners of the World Energy Academy contribute to capacity building in energy and support the transfer of knowledge as a means to tackle the challenges of the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Partners support the vision of the World Energy Academy in building a community of energy leaders who have both in-depth knowledge and strategic understanding, of their national energy sector as well as awareness of regional or global energy trends and their impact.

Partners have the opportunity to diffuse their high-quality content work and showcase expertise in countries across the world by having their input in the course modules. Therefore, partners facilitate professional development through privileged access to their local Academy course. Partners also gain recognition across the Council’s network of 3,000 members in more than 90 countries and access to the Council’s exclusive, high-level events.

If you are interested in shaping the future direction of the World Energy Academy by participating in the initiative’s core team and would like to be affiliated with the Council’s mission of sustainable energy, contact: Francisco Galtieri, Head of the World Energy Academy

Email Francisco Galtieri

Partnership Opportunities

There are various ways a Partner can support the development of a robust and well informed talent pool of future energy leaders: