The World Energy Focus, formerly World Energy Insight, is the official publication of the World Energy Council. It includes interviews, articles and case studies from a distinguished panel of World Energy Council Officers, CEOs, government ministers, academics and opinion formers from all areas of the energy sector and provides perspectives from around the globe. Government, industry, finance and NGO’s offer both policy and technology perspectives. The insights within this publication add to the work that the World Energy Council is doing to provide the forum for energy leaders, along with the on-going World Energy Council studies and programmes on Energy Policies, 2050 Energy Scenarios, Energy Resources & Technologies, Energy for Urban Innovation, Rules Of Energy Trade and Global Energy Access, plus the monthly e-magazine published under the same name, World Energy Focus. We wish you a very insightful reading of the 2014 annual edition of the World Energy Focus.


The contributors to the 2014 edition are

Marie-José Nadeau : Foreword

Christoph Frei: Time to move from the heart to the feet

Rajendra Pachauri: “The energy sector must be prepared for large-scale changes in energy systems”

Joan MacNaughton: Meeting the trilemma challenge: how to ensure investment will flow

Maria van der Hoeven: “The energy security challenge has become global”

Dean Oskvig: Disruption in the electric industry: goodbye to traditional asset management

Colin Calder: “This is all about providing consumers better value for money”

Francesco Starace: The rebirth of the greatest human invention ever – and what it means for utilities

Brad Page: CCS: crossing the Boundary Dam

Jorge Ferioli: Shale oil and gas exploitation in Argentina: a case study

Leonhard Birnbaum: Competition can deliver

Jean Marie Dauger: “Towards a more globally optimized energy model”

Hamilton Moss: Latin America and the Caribbean: great potential for clean energy

Sam Amadi: Seven disciplines for sustaining electricity reforms in Nigeria

Esteban Albornoz Vintimilla: Ecuador: changing to a clean energy system

Qinhua Chu: China’s new Vision of Energy Security

Oleg Budargin: The benefits of cross-border cooperation in power grids

Matteo Codazzi: “The best has yet to come for the electricity sector”

Anthony Jude: Riding down the Asian Energy Super Highway

Hasan Murat Mercan: Turkey: reliable hub and transparent market in an uncertain energy world