Welcome to your website

This is the World Energy Council website, it’s build using the software WordPress.

WordPress is a highly customisable Content Management System with a focus on ease of use, speed and a great user experience.

WordPress is designed to be intuitive so that minimal training is needed to use it, however this section has been provided to assist you in learning your new website.

This guide details the following:

Logging in – This gives you a very simple overview of logging in.

Dashboard – The admin home screen and how it links to other sections of the admin area.

News and Press Releases – This explains how to set up, edit and delete News and Press Releases for the site.

Publications – This explains how to add a publication to the site as well as edit existing publications.

Pages – Pages are static content on site that isn’t likely to expire in the same way an article may prove less useful in six months.

Events – This details how to add tags and taxonomies to an event.

Adding and editing content – This gives a more in depth look at the formatting options within WordPress.

Adding images and other media – This explains how to add media to the site and how to associate it with a specific page or article.

Deleting content – This explains how to delete content from the site. Be aware any deleted content cannot be retrieved.

Publishing your content – How to fully publish content to the site.

Widgets – Widgets are small customisable areas that offer different features, these can help make a page much more customisable.

Taxonomies – These are ways to interlink your content on the site. These are very important to the integration of the site, you should use these on ever article and page.

Home Page – This details how to customise certain sections of the home page and how to feature certain articles on those pages.

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