The World Energy Council’s WordPress contains 5 taxonomies that are preset and predefined for you to use.

Using Tags and Taxonomies is how the site integrates, the more you tag and identify the more things become related. This said being accurate with tagging is important otherwise things won’t be pulled through to the correct sections of the site.

For example if my Press Release was about Europe, then I should select the Europe under the regions taxonomy. I could just leave it there however my Press Release is more specifically about the United Kingdom so under the countries taxonomy I’d select the UK.

The real point to this is that the more you tag and associate taxonomies with your articles, events, publications, and pages, the more the site will integrate.

The taxonomies on the site are:

  • Energy Topics
  • Regions
  • Countries
  • People
  • Publications and Work Programmes
  • Partners/Communities
  • Events

The regions and countries cover geographical areas, while the publications and work programmes relate to documents and initiatives. Partners/Communities relate to organisations and communities that are relevant to WEC. Events are types of events that will occur regularly whether yearly or monthly.

Taxonomies are very simple to use and are as simple as clicking the checkbox next to what you can associate with the article.

Europe taxonomy


Above is the regions taxonomy with Europe selected.

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