Events are shown on a map on the events page where you can click the pin to see details about an event

Events item coloured


Events pages are drawn in from the external CRM database. To generate an event page (Red lines) you should log your event into CRM first (ask for a user guide to your administrator) and then request the administrator to refresh the events import onto the site. The next step will be to find your event and add more details to the page by navigating through the site, clicking on Events then filtering to find the specific event. You will then come onto a page like above. The red lines indicate content generated automatically by the site feeding from CRM – usually the key information such as What? Where? When? Who?. The green box indicates content you can actually manually add directly into the site, without having to go through CRM. You can add content by editing the page (the EDIT PAGE button in the grey bar at the top of the page). Feel free to add extra details about the event such as attachments, links, pictures and text.

When editing you should try to tag the event with as many relevant tags as possible. This allows the event to appear in related items throughout the site, for more information see here, when editing be aware you should not change the title.

You can customise the right hand column of the page using widgets.

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