News and Press Releases

This section will be discussing the articles that come under the News and Media section of the site; this includes News, Local News, and Press Releases.

The website has 3 specific types of articles that you can use. They differ from Pages as articles feed automatically into relevant sections of the website: Global news (or News), Local news and Press releases.

Depending on where you want your article to feed into you will decide to use one of the other types:

Note that creating a simple PAGE will not allow for such automatic feed to happen

Below is an example of what your news article will look like once its created.

Example News article full

When coming up with your article you will one need to focus on the copy and content in the middle of the page. This area is indicated in the image above by the red box, all content within should be created by you.

Now lets look at the News section in the admin area. Navigate to the dashboard and select news in the left hand menu.

News icone

After clicking on the News menu option you’ll be shown a list of News articles that your site contains.

Among the information displayed is the article title, the Author, Categories, Tags and either the Date Published, Date Scheduled or the Date the article was Last Modified. The News screen will look similar to the screen below.


At the top of the page you can view how many articles in total you have in your site, how many are Published, Scheduled, Pending, in Draft or in the Trash.

When hovering your cursor over each row, a few links will appear beneath the article title.

  • Edit – Will allow you to edit your article. This is the same as clicking on the article title.
  • Quick Edit – Allows you to edit basic article information such as Title, Slug, Date plus a few other options
  • Trash – Will send the article to the Trash. Once the Trash is emptied, the page is deleted
  • View – Displays the article. If the article hasn’t been published yet, this will say Preview

Next to each article title is a checkbox. This allows you to perform an action on multiple items at once. You simply check the article’s that you would like to affect and then from the Bulk Actions dropdown select either the Edit option or the Move to Trash option and then click the Apply button. The Edit option will allow you to edit the Categories, Tags, Author, the Status. The Move to Trash option will move the selected items to the Trash.

To create your article click on the Add new Article button at the top next to News.

To edit an existing article simply click on the article Title and you will begin editing it, alternatively you can hover over the article and click the edit option.

You will then be taken to the page where you can control the content.

Editing view

You input the content into the text field as well as any images and customising the look of the content through formatting.

If the article is important or of high profile you can make it “Sticky” which will promote the item on the homepage and also keeps it at the top of the relevant news listing page e.g global or local. Although only the latest four sticky global news items and two local news items automatically appear on the homepage it is good practice to remove the sticky setting from old news items.

You can customise the right hand column of the page using widgets.

The article needs to have tags associated with it to make it integrate with other content within the website and appear in as many relevant places as possible. For more information on tagging and taxonomy’s see here.

For an image to appear against a news item in a list and on the homepage, you must set a a featured image for the item. In the Featured Image box click on ‘Set featured image’ and then follow these instruction for adding an image and then use the button ‘Set as featured image’.

If the content in the text field has been approved and the relevant tags have been applied you can now publish your article.


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