The majority of content on site that isn’t an article is a page. These are items that are likely to remain on the site for a long period of time rather than lose focus over time. For example a Press Release will become less relevant in 6 months, however the About Wec page will still be relevant.

About Wec colour

The image above is an example page. The area in red is the content you will control when you create a page.

Once in the admin area you need to click the Pages option in the left hand menu.

Pages Icon

After clicking on the Pages menu option you’ll be shown a list of Pages that your site contains. Among the information displayed is the Page title, the Author and either the Date Published or the Date the Page was Last Modified. The Pages screen will look similar to screen below.

Pages list

At the top of the page you can view how many Pages in total you have in your site and how many are Published or in Draft.

When hovering your cursor over each row, a few links will appear beneath the Page title.

  • Edit – Will allow you to edit your Page. This is the same as clicking on the Page title
  • Quick Edit – Allows you to edit basic Page information such as Title, Slug, Date plus a few other options
  • Trash – Will send the Page to the Trash. Once the Trash is emptied, the page is deleted
  • View – Displays the Page. If the Page hasn’t been published yet, this will say Preview

Next to each Page title is a checkbox. This allows you to perform an action on multiple items at once. You simply check the Pages that you would like to affect and then from the Bulk Actions dropdown select either the Edit option or the Move to Trash option and then click the Apply button. The Edit option will allow you to edit the Author, Parent, Template and the Status of each of the checked items. The Move to Trash option will move the selected items to the Trash.

You can also filter the pages that are displayed using the dropdown list and the Filter button.

Once you are ready click Add New to create a new page or click on a page to edit it.

You will then be taken to the screen that lets you control your content.

Page editing

You should input your content in the main text box, you can format your text using the options found here.

You can customise the right hand column of the page using widgets.

You should tag your pages with Taxonomies to help them flow more within the site, more can be found about taxonomies here.

Once your page has been approved you can publish it.

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