Adding 'Contact Buttons'

Step 1 Create contact form

Go to Tools > FormBuilder

Either copy an existing form or press ‘Click here‘ to create a new form.

Edit the form.

Change the name to the Contacts name e.g NewContact

Change the recipient email address e.g. and save the form.

Step 2 Create contact form page

Create a new page to display the contact form.

Call the page something sensible like ‘Contact New Contact’ and from the FormBuilder control, select the name of the form created at Step 1

Step 3 Add the button

On the page where you want the button to appear, change or make sure you are using the text editor (not visual)

In the place where you want the button, add the following (in text editor mode):

<a class="button" title="Insert button title" href="Insert link to Contact form page (step 2)">Insert button text</a>

For example to add Email Christoph Frei use:

<a class="button" title="Contact Christoph Frei" href="">Email Christoph Frei</a>