Editing the homepage




The homepage is made up of several areas detailed below:-

1.    Homepage slider
2.    Automatic news, publication and events
3.    Voices from the WEC Network
4.    Text widgets
5.    Social media links
6.    Congress News
7.    Video widget
8.    Twitter feed


1. Homepage slider


The homepage slider is managed by using the Home Page Slide Menu.

The area at top indicated by the orange box is the homepage slider, this can be controlled by adding items to a specific menu.

To control this you need to navigate to the admin area and select Menus which comes off Appearance.


You will then be taken to the menu control screen. Here you will see all the menu’s on the site. The one you need to use for the home page is called home page slider so select that tab along the top.



In the left hand column you will find a section called Pages.


You can use this to add new pages to the slider menu. To amend the order in which items appear simply select the page box and drag and drop it into the desired location.
Please note that only the first five page items on the list will reveal on the homepage slider.

2. Automatic news, publications and events


This area displays the latest news, publications and events. By making any of these page items “stick to the front page” it will allow them to be displayed. Otherwise it will display the most recent 4 sticky items. Please note that this area is not editable.


3. Voices from the WEC network


This area displays further news items that are latest or have been made ‘sticky’ Please note this section cannot be amended.


4. Flexible widget area

This section is split into 3 text widget boxes and be accessed and amended by going to the home page whilst logged in and clicking on the Edit home page’s Widgets at the top of your screen.


This section shows all of the widgets on the home page. They are split by left and right columns.


To access you section (4) you will need to click on the ‘Home Page left Column’ to expand.


This shows each text section in its own box.

To edit one of the boxes, click onto it to give the expanded view. This will reveal a text editor to input text. Now simply enter your text and hit ‘Save’ when complete.


5. Social media links

The final widget on the left column is for social media links. Please note that this area cannot be edited with the use of widgets.



6. Congress news

The congress news section has its own widget and is edited in the same vain as other text widgets.



7. Video widget


To alter the video displayed on the home page. Simply expand the ‘Home Page right Column’ and open the text widget.



Here you will see the YouTube link for the video. To change simply input a new link in its place and click save.

8. Twitter widget

The final widget is for the display of the twitter feed. Please note that this should not be edited.