Editing the language menu


The home page contains an additional menu for languages. This can be accessed and edited by going to Appearance > Menus


Now just select the ‘Languages menu’ from the ‘Select a menu to edit’ dropdown. You will now see a list of pages for each language.


To add a menu item, start by creating a page. Once the page has been made, simply use the pages tab, select the language page created and ‘add to the menu’. Once finalised click the ‘Save menu’ button.

To edit the order simply click, drag and drop the items into position.

Editing footer

Any changes that are made to the top menu need to be replicated in the footer for consistency.
To edit the footer menu select it from the ‘Select a menu to edit’ dropdown.


Now add your new language page to this menu by the same process of adding to the languages menu.


To adjust its location simply drag and drop the item. Please ensure that the item is a sub menu item by dragging it to the left to so that the box is indented.