Similar to News and Press Releases, Publications are another type of articles with specific characteristics that feeds automatically into the Publications page and filter/search. You will be also be responsible for the content in the middle column of the page, to set a featured image (usually the cover page of the report) and to attach documents such as the publication, its executive summary and more items related to the publication.  This is what helps differ it to a News article or Press Release.

This is an example of a publication on site.

Publication full


Similar to News and Press Releases you will be responsible for the content in the middle column of the page.

Now lets look at the Publications section in the admin area. Navigate to the dashboard and select Publications in the left hand menu.

Publications menu


You will then see a list similar to the one in News and Press Releases.

Publications List

Similarly to News and Press Releases you still have all the options you had, using the tick boxes to perform bulk actions.

To create a new publication you click Add New Publication, to edit an existing Publication click its name in the list.

Editing a publication

You then input all your content as you do with News and Press Release articles, you can use formatting techniques found here.

You can customise the right hand column of the page using widgets.

Publications come in three different types:

  • Leaders Insights
  • Perspectives
  • Strategic

You need to select which type this is from an option on the right hand column.

Publication Type


Underneath the text box you can attach files to the publication.

You attach files by clicking this button( Attach Files) This will then come up with a file uploader, you can then add the file to upload.

Once attached you will see the following box.

Attaching files

Here you can set the title of the document, you do not need to put anything in the caption box.

Publication Types and the date the Publication was published effects when it shows up in the faceted search, Taxonomies also have an impact on where the Publication will appear as related.

For an image to appear against a publication in a list and on the homepage, you must set a a featured image for the item. In the Featured Image box click on ‘Set featured image’ and then follow these instruction for adding an image and then use the button ‘Set as featured image’.

Once the Publication has been approved you can publish it.

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