The World Energy Council believes that we need all resources and that there are no ‘bad technologies’, just poor or uninformed technology choices and practices. Sustainable national energy policies need to consider all energy resources to create diversity in the energy mix and balance the Energy Trilemma of energy security, social equity and environmental sustainability.

At a time of critical transition in the energy sector, the World Energy Council offers a unique and neutral platform for specific energy resources communities to dialogue, inform, share best practices and explore the best possible ways to integrate their activities in the broader energy mix.

Under the umbrella or the World Energy Council and through specific work programmes of events, studies and surveys that feed into the wider Council’s programme, each energy sector’s community develops its own way to interact with the rest of the energy sector to establish an environment for better informed decisions, opportunity for wider synergies and sustainable competitive strategies.

Current existing communities operating under the umbrella of the World Energy Council include: