Join WEC

There are many ways to join and access the World Energy Council’s global network of leaders and practitioners,  from simply joining a WEC Member Committee in your country to becoming a Patron or Global Partner. WEC membership can provide a number of benefits to members, including access to the WEC Network, high-level events such as the Executive Assembly and the World Energy Congress, and exclusive WEC publications such as WEC Insight as well as the numerous studies and data WEC produces.

Joining a Member Committee

To join your country’s member committee, contact the Secretary of that particular committee.

Forming a new Member Committee

If there is currently no Member Committee in your country, you can form a new one.

The World Energy Council (WEC) is made up of national Member Committees rather than direct individual, organisational or corporate members. Therefore, the first step for a country interested in joining membership of WEC is to establish a Member Committee, which should represent the widest possible range of energy interests in the country and which might include representatives from energy companies, Government ministries, state-owned energy providers, research institutions and/or academics.

To receive additional information or answer any questions you may have about WEC membership or discuss the possibility of membership for your country, contact the Director, Member Services, in the WEC London office by telephoning +44 20 7734 5996 or by emailing A membership kit and brochure providing full details of the membership application process is available on request.

Applications by prospective Member Committees to join WEC are reviewed and approved by the Executive Assembly. Admission is decided by a majority vote of the members of the Executive Assembly, either at the annual meeting or by postal ballot.

There is also initial advice on how to organise a Member Committee available.

Global Partners Programme

The Global Partners programme was introduced by WEC’s Executive Assembly in September, 2009. It provides innovative energy and energy-related companies with immediate visibility and connects them to more than 90 national WEC committees, with a total of over 3,000 member organisations from the public and private sectors around the globe.

Patron Programme

The World Energy Council’s Patron Programme was established in 1998 and is comprised of companies or institutions which are members of a WEC Member Committee and through their contributions to the WEC Foundation, are committed to play a fundamental role in helping the World Energy Council achieve its mission to promote the sustainable supply and use of energy, for the greatest benefit of all.

Today the WEC Patron Programme enables an exclusive group of organisations to engage throughout our network to help catalyse new thinking on energy policy and strategy by way of supporting WEC Global and Regional Agendas as well as the potential for in depth involvement in project partnerships for our Flagship Processes.

The support of WEC Patrons is acknowledged on the World Energy Council website and, wherever appropriate at WEC Global and Regional Energy Leaders Summits in addition to our triennial World Energy Congress.
For further information please contact John Bourne at the WEC London Office on 020 3214 0605 Email