World Energy Issues Monitor

Project Partner: ARUP

What seemed unimaginable two decades ago has become reality: energy is again on the top of the political agenda in many countries and is becoming a priority for prime ministers, presidents and senior decision-makers. The World Energy Issues Monitor enables us to understand which issues are on the top of this agenda and to identify the stress points affecting the global energy transformation.

“Making sense of the energy sector is fundamental to the wealth of nations and this report is one of the only tools available to policymakers to enable them to understand the global, regional and national trends affecting their decisions.” – Christoph Frei, Secretary General, World Energy Council

The World Energy Council’s annual World Energy Issues Monitor provides a graphical snapshot of what keeps energy policymakers, CEOs and leading experts in over 90 countries awake at night. It seeks to promote an understanding of the world energy agenda and the evolution of priorities on a historical and geographical basis.

The World Energy Issues Monitor assesses the degree of impact and uncertainty for over 42 key issues in the energy sector across four categories: Macroeconomic risks; Geopolitics and Regional Issues; Business Environment; Energy Vision and Technologies; Digitalisation. The Monitor highlights the regional variations to better understand differing priorities, and its national deep-dives showcase specific areas of concern for national energy policy. The World Energy Issues Monitor also shows trends relating to specific technology solutions.

We have developed an Online Issues Monitor Tool with our project partner ARUP, which has 10 years worth of data.


The Council also produces a limited number of bespoke issues maps at the company board level.  These assess companies’ own priorities relative to those issues that are most pressing to global/regional perspectives for a specific sector.

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