Alumni Community of the World Energy Academy

The Academy alumni are all those who have taken the World Energy Academy course. In this way, the Academy forms a community of educated energy leaders and a talent pool for innovative technology, business and policies solutions. Therefore, the alumni community reinforces both the network and work of energy leaders promoting an affordable, stable and environmentally sensitive energy system for the greatest benefit of all. There are currently over 1400 professionals and students who have completed the Academy across six different countries.

Success stories and impact from alumni around the world

In 2015 alumni of the Argentine Academy, led by Andrea Afranchi, developed an “Energy Efficiency Roadmap for Politicians”. This roadmap was created on the basis that countries are placing a greater importance on the role of energy efficiency to tackle economic, environmental and energy security problems.

The Energy Efficiency Roadmap was a success and led to the creation of the Sub-Secretary of Savings and Energy Efficiency of the National Government (SSAyEE) in Argentina. Together, the SSAyEE and alumni community developed an online guide for elementary schools on the importance of using energy responsibly.


Testimonials from our alumni community

Alumni voices from Argentina

  • Norma Ramiro (Commercial Manager, Australian Embassy) “The course allowed me to train intensively in the sector with highly qualified teachers and an excellent network of contacts that will allow me to develop commercial and academic ties between Argentina and Australia. I recommend this training programme to all those who wish to expand and deepen their knowledge about the energy sector and want to become spokespeople in dealing with energy issues at the local and international level.”


  • María Laura Sluga (Degree in Political Science and International Relations) “Our alumni community has taken on energy projects which we set up when the course finished. I am participating in the Council’s Future Energy Leaders Programme and I also had the opportunity to travel to Cartagena to participate in the Council’s Executive Assembly in 2014, representing the CACME Youth Group.”


  • Juan Pablo Gómez Lamarque (Compression Sales Manager, Siemens Power & Gas) “The course expands on the knowledge of the different perspectives of the energy industry. It is a well-structured course that ignites an interest to continue deepening ones knowledge on these subjects.”


  • Daniel Nuñez (Head of Operations MEG – Electronic Gas Market) “Exchanging experiences with other professionals was extremely enriching. In addition, the teachers are excellent.”


  • Jorge Giubergia (Head of the Electric Energy Programme, Secretary of Energia de Salta) “For people like me, who live far away from Buenos Aires, the virtual course is a great tool because it allows us to interact in real time with the teachers.”

Alumni voices from Colombia

  • Diana Cabal (Manager of Energy Projects, EPCM of Colombia S.A.S) “My sincere thanks for giving Colombians the opportunity to participate in such an excellent programme which allows you to participate virtually.”


  • Maira Parra Polanco (General Manager, GIRSOL SAS)“I thank everyone for all the classes that were of great interest and learning”

Alumni voices from Mexico

  • Walter Rangel Urrea (Director of Technological Services of the National Institute of Nuclear Research (ININ)) “The multidisciplinary contribution of the specialists and of the participants themselves is excellent and enriching as it allows for a challenging discussion that questions controversial issues that today must be considered in any energy project. This course was a great experience for me and a great opportunity for growth and networking: I highly recommend it for any professional who is involved in the development of this sector”


  • Alfredo Gómez Luna Maya (Director of Administration and Finance, Institute of Electrical Research) “The material presented has been very useful in shaping a better vision of the fundamentals of a highly complex sector. The information presented in the course is very important to improve the productivity of the non-technical personnel involved in the sector”


  • Arturo Vaca Durán (Director of Energy and Technology, PEÑOLES Group) “The course integrated an overview of the energy system in Mexico and in the world. I would have liked to take this program 15 years ago when I started to venture into this exciting sector. I highly recommend the course to specialists who need to understand “the forest in addition to the tree in which they work”