Gabriel Lelis

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Gabriel Lelis

M&A Consultant

Votorantim Energia

I’m a finance specialist with 5 years dedicated to renewable energy. I have a strong background in conducting economic feasibility analysis, planning and implementing strategies for financing, merger and acquisition transactions and innovation projects in this area. Over the last few years, I am also engaged in hybrid projects that combine different natural resources to provide uninterrupted energy. The result of this combination is a reduced tariff of energy due to the synergies of both resources. As a big fan of renewable energy, I know that the World Energy Council is prepared to lead a revolution in the way we do energy and humanising it.

Votorantim Energia was founded in 1996 as part of Votorantim Group and quickly became one of the most relevant players in the energy sector in Brazil. Operating 21 wind parks and 28 hydro power plants, the company has more than 400 clients commercializing over 2.2GW. 

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