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Hilmar Eggertsson



Hilmar Eggertsson is a dual Icelandic and Luxembourgish national with international experience in renewable energy, project financing and capital markets. Hilmar focuses on Power, Renewables and Infrastructure assets at MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group). MUFG is a leading provider of finance to renewable energy projects globally, with one of the largest lending portfolios in offshore/onshore wind, solar PV, hydro and biomass projects. Prior to MUFG, Hilmar worked at KGAL Investment Management in Munich, a EUR3.2bn investment fund focused on delivering projects in wind and solar across Europe. Hilmar speaks five languages fluently.  Additionally, Hilmar is a Fellow at The Polar Connection – Polar Research & Policy Initiative and concentrates his efforts in researching Arctic Stewardship in Reaching Net Zero, focusing on carbon capture and energy generation. The Arctic has a unique position geopolitically, with access to critical minerals that can drive the energy transition and significant capacity for renewable energy installation. Hilmar has completed expeditions to both the Antarctic and the Arctic with the goal of understanding the importance of the Polar Regions as climate change accelerators.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group is a leading global financial services group and one of the largest banking institutions in Japan. MUFG is a leading provider of finance to renewable energy projects across a range of different regulatory environments in global markets. 

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