Rodrigo Alonso-Suárez

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Rodrigo Alonso-Suárez

Universidad de la República / Laboratorio de Energía Solar

Rodrigo Alonso-Suárez holds a Phd in the Solar Energy field and an Electrical Engineering degree from Uruguay's national University (UdelaR). He has made key contributions to the development of solar energy applications, including the development of satellite-based models for solar resource assessment leading to accurate solar potential maps and other inputs required in solar energy design. He is co-founder of the Solar Energy Laboratory (LES) at UdelaR, a research-oriented laboratory that provides services and technical consultancies for the solar energy sector. He has been main Project Manager in the development of a solar water heater efficiency test facility, financed by the local energy authority, which is unique in his country. Dr. Alonso holds a permanent position as Assistant Professor at UdelaR and is the head of the solar resource assessment and forecasting group at LES. He manages several research projects in solar energy topics and has participated in several solar energy and renewable grid-integration initiatives. He has authored 28 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles, 4 solar energy books or chapters, and has been a speaker at several international and national conferences on the subject.

Universidad de la República (UdelaR) is Uruguay's main higher education and research Institution. The Solar Energy Laboratory (LES) is the university's research-oriented laboratory that is focused on solar energy assessment and its applications, and provides services and technical consultancies for the sector. This laboratory is considered a regional reference in solar energy assessment, forecasting and application.

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