World Energy Council - Publications launched at World Energy Congress 2013 under EMBARGO

Below you will find the embargoed copies of the executive summaries of all the WEC reports to be launched during the Congress.

The publications below are under strict embargo until the time and date of release mentioned on the front cover. Please do not share with external audiences until then.

All publications and full reports will be available for download in the publications section of this website  once they have been officially launched.


World Energy Council’s brochure

World Energy Council Brochure – 2013


World Energy Congress  2013 related documents

The significance of the World Energy Congress 2013 – internal briefing


World Energy Strategic Insights

World Energy Trilemma 2013 Time to get real – the agenda for change_EMBARGOED

World Energy Resources 2013 Survey_Exec summary_EMBARGOED

World Energy Scenarios_Exec summary_EMBARGOED


World Energy Perspectives

World Energy Perspective Cost of Technologies_EMBARGOED

World Energy Perspective_Energy Efficiency Policies_Exec summary_EMBARGOED

World Energy Perspective_ Energy Efficiency Technologies_Exec summary_EMBARGOED